Share your next trips with your friends and find out where they are planning to go

Share your trips

Simply choose the destination and time of your next trip and share it with your friends. Travel-Meet opens you up to the spontaneity and excitement that travel should bring.

Join your friends

Find out where your friends are planning to go and join their adventure, or start a completely new conversation with friends of friends and locals in the community.

Travel the World

The beauty of travel is in the exchange. Hop off the tour bus, and gain authentic insights into the lifestyle and stories from real people in real places.

What is your lifestyle ?

We want to make sure that you have a great time with the right person.


I like bohemian places, having a drink in a park or in the street.


I like ordinary places , talking with easygoing people in a cool spot.


I like chic places with elegant people and a luxurious atmosphere.


You are an Early Bird, getting up in the morning to enjoy the city light.


You are a Night Owl, going out at night and sleeping in the morning.


You are Always On, visiting the city during the day and having fun at night.